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Driving in Pennsylvania: Getting Back on the Road, Safely

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a plethora of changes in the way we go about business and life in general.

Driving in Pennsylvania: Getting Back on the Road, SafelyOne huge change that occurred for Pennsylvania residents was that, because of quarantine and other stay-at-home orders, people simply did not leave their homes, let alone to drive about. As the country moves back into some semblance of normalcy (albeit a ‘new normal), officials are concerned that drivers may have an issue reacclimating to safe driving as traffic increases. As summer is in full swing, are Pennsylvania drivers safe? What considerations do they need to take to ensure that they get to and from their outings safely?

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation reported that there were a total of 128,000 traffic accidents in the state during the last reporting year. While this figure comes from a time before the pandemic year, it is a steep enough number to encourage consideration that, for many Pennsylvanians who are out of practice driving, these figures may increase as drivers get back on the road. During the pandemic, AAA Pennsylvania found about a one-quarter increase in the number of calls they received to revive dead batteries. This points to the fact that drivers simply weren’t on the road. Whether the result of this is a driver who is out of practice or a car that is not safely maintained, it is important that Pennsylvania drivers take extra precautions as they head out. Philadelphia continues to move in intention towards its Vision Zero goal, by which all traffic fatalities in the city will cease within the decade. We can all help that vision and ensure that we ease back into driving safely by taking specific precautions.

Staying safe on the roads: follow the laws!

We all expect that motorists will drive safely and follow traffic laws. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Especially as motorists are just getting used to being on the road, they may ignore basic traffic laws such as using a signal, and this puts motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians alike in harm’s way. At this time, it is essential that we are vigilant in our practices of safe driving, obeying all traffic laws, and driving defensively. Especially during these summer months of outings when alcohol is more likely to be involved, taking extra care can mean the difference between getting to your destination safely and not.

Obey the Speed Limit

There are reasons for speed limits. When we exceed the marked speed limit, we put ourselves at risk of losing control of our vehicle or not being able to stop in sufficient time when an obstacle crosses our path, whether it be an animal, a pedestrian, or another motorist. It is worth getting to your destination a few minutes behind (or, even better, it is worth giving yourself a bit of extra time to travel) to ensure that, regardless of traffic on the road, you arrive safely.

Always Wear a Seatbelt

Statistics show that those who wear their seatbelts are at a much lower risk of significant injury in the case of an accident. As we see numbers of motorists rising again following the pandemic year, each one getting used to the regular flow of traffic again, it is essential that we all wear our seat belts to protect ourselves and our loved ones in the car in the case of an unexpected accident.

Cell Phones Away, Please

Cell Phones Away, PleaseOne of the primary causes of vehicle accidents in the United States for the past decade has been the improper use of technology on the road. Texting and conducting internet searches while driving is downright dangerous, and they put the lives of everyone around you at risk. Make sure you have your hands-free devices available, use a speaker if you are receiving driving directions, and make sure you can hear external noises such as horns and sirens.

Together, we can get Pennsylvania back on the road safely, and move toward Vision Zero by taking our own safety and those of our community members into our own hands, both steadily on the wheel!

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