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Dog Bites

Feasterville PA Dog Bite Injury Attorneys

Dogs can serve as incredible sources of comfort, joy, and companionship throughout our lives. However, they can also become extraordinarily dangerous, causing severe injuries if they choose to attack humans. In order to prevent these incidents, and the devastation that they can cause for innocent victims, Pennsylvania dog owners are expected to abide by a series of regulations, outlined in the State’s “Dog Law,” also known as the “Dangerous Dog Statute.” According to this section, often subsumed under the broader classification of “premises liability,” dog owners and landlords may be help liable for damages if they fail to fulfill their obligations and an innocent person is injured as a result of a dog attack.

The seasoned personal injury attorneys at Cohen & Riechelson have utilized all of their knowledge and resources to obtain just compensation for those injured during dog attacks in Pennsylvania for over 40 years. Our vigorous pursuit of evidence to support our clients’ claims has resulted in countless favorable recoveries over the last four decades. With an approach that combines personalized and attentive service with consummate professionalism and aggressive advocacy, we have earned the respect and gratitude of those we serve and continue to dedicate ourselves to providing unparalleled representation. The first step toward successfully resolving your case is a comprehensive assessment with one of our talented personal injury lawyers. Contact our Bucks County offices today at (215) 337-4915 for a free consultation.

Dog Bites and Animal Attacks in Bucks Count PA

Pennsylvania’s Dog Law is contained in Section 459-305, which requires dogs to be:

  • Confined within the premises of the owner;
  • Firmly secured by means of a collar and chain or other devise so that it cannot stray beyond the premises on which it is secured; or,
  • Under the reasonable control of some person, or when engaged in lawful hunting, exhibition or field training.

In addition, it is an offense to harbor a dangerous dog if it can be proven that the dog has:

  • Inflicted severe injury on a human being without provocation on public or private property.
  • Killed or inflicted severe injury on a domestic animal without provocation while off the owner’s property.
  • Attacked a human being without provocation.
  • Been used in the commission of a crime.

If the intentional, reckless, or negligent conduct of a dog’s owner results in an aggressive dog attack and causes severe injury or death to another human, the dog’s owner may be found guilty of a first degree misdemeanor and exposed to civil litigation in the form of a personal injury lawsuit.

Resolving Your Dog Bite Injury Case in Pennsylvania

When bringing a dog bite or dog attack injury claim in Pennsylvania, the trajectory of your case and the compensation to which you are entitled are contingent upon a number of factors. First, if the dog has bitten another person without justification or indicated a tendency to do so, you are entitled to recover full compensation (including damages for pain and suffering). On the other hand, if the dog has not bitten previously, the degree of your injuries will determine the damages you may seek. If you are severely injured, which refers to “any physical injury that results in broken bones or disfiguring lacerations requiring multiple sutures or cosmetic surgery,” you are entitled to financial compensation for medical expenses and all other losses and legal fees. In cases involving non-severe injuries, victims are limited to seeking compensation for medical expenses only.

In some cases, landlords can be held liable for injuries inflicted by dogs owned or maintained by their tenants. Under Pennsylvania Law, a landlord may be held liable if he or she has knowledge of the presence of the dangerous animal and where he or she has the right to control or remove the animal by retaking possession of the premises. Extensive investigation is often required to establish a dog’s previous behavior or propensity for violence, as well as a dog owner or landlord’s negligence in contributing to the dog attack. At CR, we deploy our own investigative teams to gather the evidence necessary to support our client’s claims.

Under any of these circumstances, negligent dog owners, landlords, and their insurance companies may attempt to avoid providing victims of dog attacks with the compensation they deserve. The nuances within the case law in this area require a high level of knowledge, experience, and understanding in order to be effectively employed, which is why it is essential to have a seasoned personal injury attorney who is familiar with these complexities working on your behalf.

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