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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

effective March November 5, 2015

We seek to comply with all laws, statues, and industry best practices to ensure that your privacy is protected. While it is necessary to collect some anonymous data to ensure that this site remains functional, we seek to minimize what we track and will not use this information except as stated in this policy.


“This site” refers to

“Visitor” or “Web Visitor” refers to persons accessing this site via the internet/world wide web.

“Non-Personally Identifiable Information” refers to any anonymous data transmitted between a visitor’s computer/device and our servers.

“Personally Identifiable Information” or “Personal Information” refers to any information that could be used to identify a visitor including name, address, phone number, etc.

What Non-Personally Identifiable Information is Collected by this Website?

When you access any website, including this one, non-personally identifiable information and data is transferred between your computer and the websites server. This information is sent directly by your browser to our server and also stored in an HTTP cookie on your browser.

This information includes:

  • IP Address – the ‘internet address’ of your computer
  • Your browser type (Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.)
  • Your operating system (Windows, Apple, Linux, etc)
  • Which pages of our site you visited
  • The time and duration of these visits

HTTP Cookies Usage

This sites makes use of “HTTP cookies” or, simply, “Cookies.” Cookies are small text files created by our server, and delivered along with the content of the page to your
browser. The purpose of these files is to provide an individualized experience, including saved settings and preferences (where applicable), and to understand user actions on our site.

Google Analytics Tracking Cookies

The cookies issued by this site include Google Analytics Tracking Cookie. This cookie collects anonymous data about your visit.

No personally identifiable information is transmitted to Google
via this cookie or any other method.

To learn more about Google Analytics’s privacy policy and requirements, including how to block this cookie, follow this link.

Opting Out of Cookie Usage

You can disable all cookies for any site, including this one. The method will vary from browser to browser. Please refer to your browser’s documentation or use your favorite search engine to find out how.

How is Non-Personally Identifiable Information Protected?

Non-personally identifiable information is aggregated and used to understand how visitors use our site.

It will never be used to identify you or your web activity except by court order. We do not sell, rent, share, lease, or distribute this information.

What Personally Identifiable Information is Collected by this Site?

We do not seek to collect personally identifiable information except when submitted by web visitors, and in those cases, only for the purpose of providing legal advice or services, including returning calls and emails, scheduling consultations, and other
actions necessary for the fulfillment of legal representation.

By calling our law firm, sending us an email, or submitting a contact form via this site, you agree that we can use this information to contact you.

How is Personal Information Protected?

Information submitted to this site will never be used for any purpose other than those associated with providing legal advice and representation. This information will never be shared with anyone except as follows:

  • To contractors and/or consultants who may use it on our behalf or in connection with their relationship with us. This may include web development and technical support staff.
  • If we are unable to represent you, or believe an unaffiliated attorney or law firm would be more able to represent you, we may refer you to them and share your contact information.
  • If we are required by law or court order to provide this information as a matter of public safety or policy, or if we believe in good faith that disclosing this information is necessary to protect our rights and/or property.

How can I correct, amend or delete my personal information?

If you would like to correct, amend, or delete any information that you have submitted, please contact us by phone or email. You may request that we:

  • Share and disclose all information we have collected about you
  • Change or correct any data or personal information
  • Delete any data or personal information
  • Opt out of future communication with our firm

Other Considerations

We are determined to keep your privacy protected in every way that we can, however there are more actions that you can take to keep your privacy secure on this and every site:

  • Clear your browser’s history – This will prevent others from being able to see which sites you have visited. Check your browser’s documentation or do a search to find out how.
  • Browse in “privacy” or “incognito” mode – This forces your browser forget your browsing history and prevents third-party cookies from monitoring your browsing behavior and online actions.
  • Close all browser windows and tabs when you are done browsing.
  • Be careful about browsing sensitive subjects in public places or on public networks.
  • Protect your computer from spyware and malware.
  • Never submit personal information except when necessary.

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