20% of Pennsylvania Roads Rated in “Poor Condition”

20% of Pennsylvania Roads Rated in “Poor Condition”Northeast Philadelphia Car Accident Attorneys Fight For Clients Injured Due to Poor Road Conditions

Sadly car accidents and motorcycle accidents are all too common on Pennsylvania roads. They may range from minor to serious causing personal injuries as well as damage to property. The causes of car accidents and the causes of motorcycle accidents may vary greatly. Some causes, such as traveling speed and attention to the road, are within a driver’s control, others, such as road condition, are not. Poor road conditions are an often ignored but especially pressing problem in many areas of Pennsylvania, where one in five roads is listed as being in “poor condition” and an additional third are considered merely fair.

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Injuries Due to Problems with Northeast Philadelphia’s Roads and Bridges

Pennsylvania experiences wide changes in seasonal temperatures. These large variations in temperature can quickly degrade the roads. Moreover, Pennsylvania has always been a high commerce state and traffic from heavy vehicles can put additional stress on roads. Furthermore, bad road conditions are especially bad in rural areas. Though 20% of Pennsylvania roads have been ranked as poor, the rural roads in the state were recently rated the eighth worst in the country. And it doesn’t end there, the state ranked third for structurally deficient bridges and was ranked 16th in rural road fatalities.

Bensalem Attorneys Discuss Dangers of Poor Road Conditions Leading to Accidents and Injuries

Bad or poor road surfaces can have several unforeseen effects including causing damage to the cars that drive them. In addition, bad road conditions can increase the chances that a car will lose control, especially when drivers are not aware of the road’s condition ahead of time. According to the National Highway Safety Administration, speeds that are too fast for road conditions are a factor in more than half of all traffic fatalities as well as being the root cause of many other injuries and millions in property damage.

Most officials in Pennsylvania are aware of the cracks, potholes and other issues that plague local roads. However, finding the resources and political will to deal with the problems is another matter. A lack of money and a long list of municipal priorities mean that the roads often do not get the attention that they deserve.

In addition, delays in funding are often part of the problem. Funding for a project usually plays a role in how quickly it gets completed. A locally-funded project often takes around a year, while state-funded projects may take three to five years. Shockingly, a federally-funded project, by comparison, may take as long as 12 years to complete. All these delays put drivers at risk.

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