Common Personal Injury Mistakes

Common Personal Injury MistakesIf one suffers a personal injury due to actions that are the fault of others the results can be catastrophic to the individual’s long term health and finances.  Whether it is a car accident, motorcycle accident, construction accident or any of the other numerous ways an injury can occur due to someone else’s bad actions or negligence it is crucial that one seek fair compensation according to the law.

Any time a person is injured in an accident, whether it be in a car accident, motorcycle accident, construction accident, in a slip and fall, or any other kind of accident, the resulting damages to the injured party and their family can be devastating. Medical expenses can add up quickly, and if the injuries sustained leave the victim unable to work, their financial situation can become ever more dire.

However, there are several common mistakes made by injury victims when pursuing a personal injury claim in Bucks County, so if you have been injured by the negligent or reckless actions of another party, here are some key mistakes to avoid during the personal injury claims process.

The good news is that accidents and injuries caused by the reckless or negligent actions of a third party can lead to a successful personal injury claim, a legal action which is capable of recovering medical costs and lost income both to date as well as projected future losses, as well as damages for the emotional and physical pain and suffering that the accident and resulting injuries have caused.

However, there are several common mistakes made by injury victims when pursuing a personal injury claim in Bucks County, so if you have been injured by the negligent or reckless actions of another party, here are some key mistakes to avoid during the personal injury claims process.

Insurance Companies and Personal Injury Claims Bucks County PA

  • Dealing with insurance companies without a lawyer – a consultation with a qualified Bucks County personal injury lawyer before beginning interaction with an insurance provider is critical. Insurance companies often retain teams of qualified attorneys and legal consultants, pursuing a third party claim with an insurance company without having your own legal representation is a risky proposition – at best.
  • Making statements without a lawyer on the record – one should always avoid making unnecessary statements that may be used against you in future litigation without your Mercer County PI lawyer present. Anything you say to an insurance company in regards to your accident or injuries can be used against you in future litigation. For this reason it is highly recommended that you avoid communicating with the insurance company without your Bucks County personal injury lawyer present
  • Filing a personal injury claim without a lawyer – recovering damages through a personal injury claim on your own does not usually end well when you are going against a company with decades of legal experience and well funded resources.
  • Accepting a low lump sum payment – many injury victims will accept the insurance company’s initial settlement offer, however this settlement offer will almost never actually represent or cover the full damages incurred by an accident. Due to the fact that once a settlement offer has been accepted no further claims can be brought, many injury victims are left holding the bill for expenses which the original settlement offer does not cover.

Medical Treatment and Personal Injury Claims, Bensalem Injury Attorneys

  • Not seeing a doctor in a timely manner – it is better to see a doctor right away, the stronger the connection between your accident and your injury, the stronger your personal injury claim will be. Insurance companies may claim the injury was pre-existing or unrelated if victims wait too long
  • Not adhering to doctor’s orders – victims have the responsibility for attempting to better their medical situation by following doctor’s orders. If you are not improving, it may be argued that it is your own fault because you are not following the recommended treatment plan
  • Failing to file a personal injury claims in time – personal injury claims in the State of New Jersey must be filed within the statutes of limitations. Most PI claims must be filed within two (2) years of the injurious accident unless an extension is filed.

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