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Understand Your Rights if You Have been Injured at Hershey Park

Hershey Park Offers Fun Rides and Attractions, but Accidents Can Happen Despite Safety Measures. Learn About Potential Causes of Accidents, Injuries, and Safety Tips.

Understand Your Rights if You Have been Injured at Hershey ParkHershey Park is Pennsylvania’s biggest amusement park, located in Hershey. It was created in 1907 by the founder of the Hershey Chocolate Company as a recreation area for his employees. These days, it’s a huge park with lots of rides and things to do. It has more than 70 rides, including big roller coasters, water rides, rides for families, and ones for little kids. Some of the most famous rides are the big roller coasters, like Fahrenheit and Storm Runner.

They also have a water park called The Boardwalk with slides, pools, and lazy rivers. The park also offers live shows. You can see music performances, stage shows, and even meet characters. The park has special events for Halloween and Christmas. There are lots of places to eat, from quick snacks to sit-down meals. And don’t forget to check out the shops for Hershey’s chocolates and souvenirs. Right next to Hershey Park is a zoo called ZooAmerica, which has animals from North America. The price of entry is included in a Hershey Park ticket. Whether you love thrill rides or just want to relax, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. But some common sense safety precautions are advised. Though accidents are generally rare, and the park takes extensive measures to prevent them and ensure visitor safety, accidents do still occur.

Contributing Factors and Ways People Get Injured at Hershey Park

While Hershey Park, like any amusement park, keeps its visitors’ safety as a high priority, accidents can still occur. Here are some common reasons. Sometimes, rides might have been designed with defects. Or there could be mechanical failure or parts failures that lead to accidents. People not following safety rules during rides, like not sitting or standing according to instructions, can cause accidents too. Wet or uneven surfaces in the park can make people slip and fall. Sometimes, visitors might have medical issues or conditions that cause accidents. Sometimes, safety devices like seat belts or harnesses might stop working because of wear and tear or not being taken care of properly. If these devices fail to keep riders secure, people could get hurt.

Human error—mistakes by park staff—such as not operating rides correctly or not cautioning people adequately, can lead to accidents. Extreme weather conditions can be dangerous, like strong winds or lightning. Lots of people in one place can make accidents more likely, especially in lines or crowded spots. Even in dining areas, accidents like spills or burns can happen.

If the park doesn’t take care of rides properly, they might break down. If ride operators aren’t trained well enough, they might not run rides safely or make sure people follow the rules. If the park doesn’t check rides often for safety, they might miss problems that could hurt people.

How Park Management Can Affect Your Safety at Hershey Park

Hershey Park PA Accident AttorneysIf the park manager allows the park to get too crowded or if lines aren’t managed well, accidents can happen more easily. Injuries can worsen if the park doesn’t have good plans for emergencies, like medical help or getting people out safely. If the park doesn’t tell people about the risks of rides, especially with warning signs, they might not know how dangerous they are.

If the park doesn’t watch vendors closely, they could cause accidents, like food poisoning or slips. If there aren’t enough security measures, people might get hurt in other ways, like getting robbed. Hershey Park works hard to keep visitors safe by checking rides, training staff, and educating guests about safety rules. Yet accidents do still happen.

Primary Categories of Injuries at Hershey Park

Injuries at Hershey Park have included chipped teeth, neck and back pain, lacerations, burns, broken and sprained bones, and brain injuries. Trip-and-fall and slip-and-fall injuries were the most common. These accidents happen when boarding a ride, during a ride, and when leaving the ride. In previous years, accidents were not limited to the most thrilling rides, as you might have expected. They happened on rollercoasters but also on the rain-forest-themed rides, the Skyride, the pony carts, the Hydroflume and Flowrider, and others. Fatalities are rare, but the statistics reveal that injuries happen all over the park, anywhere in it that people go.

Injuries at Hershey Park can vary in how serious they are. Here are the main types:

  • Minor Scrapes and Bruises: These can happen from small accidents or falls while walking around.
  • Muscle and Ligament Injuries: Sometimes, sudden movements or bad landings on rides can cause strains or sprains.
  • Fractures and Breaks: More serious accidents or falls from rides can lead to broken bones.
  • Head and Neck Trauma: High-impact rides or sudden stops can cause injuries to the head or neck.
  • Heat-Related Problems: If people don’t drink enough water or take breaks from the sun on hot days, they might get heat exhaustion or even heatstroke. Spending too much time in the park without resting or drinking enough water can lead to feeling very tired and dehydrated.
  • Strain from Repetitive Movements: Some rides might cause discomfort or strain from doing the same movements over and over again.
  • Allergic Reactions: Accidentally eating something you’re allergic to or being exposed to allergens in the park can cause allergic reactions.

Though these things can happen, most people have a great time at the park without getting hurt.

Gear Up for Safety and Avoid Mishaps at Hershey Park

The following are some simple tips to help you stay safe and avoid getting hurt at Hershey Park. Obey ride rules. Always listen to the ride instructions and follow the rules. Make sure you meet the height and health requirements for each ride. Before getting on a ride, make sure your belongings, like hats, glasses, and phones, are safely stored to prevent them from falling. Wear comfy shoes with good grip to avoid slipping, especially on wet surfaces.

Keep yourself hydrated, especially on hot days. Take breaks and sip water regularly. Don’t overdo it. Take breaks to relax and recharge throughout the day. Put on sunscreen and wear a hat or sunglasses to shield yourself from the sun. Be mindful of where you’re walking to avoid tripping or bumping into things. If you start feeling unwell on a ride, tell the operator and get off if you need to. If you’re with friends or family, stay close and look out for each other. If you see anything dangerous, like spills or broken stuff, let park staff know so they can fix it.

Who can be Held Responsible for Hershey Park Accident Injuries?

If you do get hurt at Hershey Park, there are a number of different people or groups who could be held responsible. If the injury happened because the park didn’t keep things safe, like not fixing broken machinery or safety equipment, or not training staff properly, then the park itself might be responsible. If the injury was because a ride was made poorly or had a defect, the company that made the ride could be to blame.

If you got hurt because of something you bought or used at the park, like food or souvenirs, the company that sold it might be responsible. If the injury happened because the park didn’t maintain things properly, the companies they hire to do maintenance work could be at fault. Sometimes, another person’s actions might lead to someone getting hurt. In those cases, the person who caused the problem could be held responsible.

Figuring out who’s responsible can be tricky, so talking to a lawyer like the ones at Cohen & Riechelson, is advisable. We can help you understand your rights and how to get compensated for your injury.

How to Get Reimbursed for a Hershey Park Injury

Determining Responsibility for Getting Hurt at Hersheypark, PAIf you get hurt at Hershey Park, there are several ways you might get compensated. Insurance is one way, for example. The park has insurance that can help cover costs if you’re injured there. You can file a claim with their insurance carrier to pay for your medical bills. Your own health insurance might cover your medical expenses from the injury. You can contact your health insurance company to see if they’ll help.

Taking legal action is another possibility. If Hershey Park did something wrong that caused your injury, like not maintaining a ride properly, you might be able to sue them. A negotiated settlement might work. Sometimes, Hershey Park or their insurance might offer you money to settle your injury claim without going to court. It’s advisable that you not accept their offer without consulting an attorney first. A lawyer at our office can help you figure out if you have a case. Worker’s compensation can also help you get back on your feet if you were working at Hershey Park when you got hurt.

Dedicated Hershey Park Injury Lawyers to Explore Your Rights and Options

If you get injured at Hershey Park, it’s important to get medical help right away, keep records of what happened, and consider talking to Cohen & Riechelson about your options. We can tell you what you can do legally and what options you have to get compensation for your injury. If you have a valid claim for your injuries or the injuries of someone you love, our law firm has the experience and zealous determination necessary to negotiate a fair settlement without going to court or, if your case does go to court, argue on your behalf for maximum damages. Our attorneys can investigate what happened, talk to witnesses, and gather evidence to build a strong case. We can help determine how much compensation your injury should receive and work to ensure you get enough money to cover your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses.

Call the experienced lawyers at Cohen & Riechelson for a free evaluation of your case. We’re ready to work with you to figure out the best way to move forward. Call today at (215) 337-4915.

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