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Dangerous Road Conditions

Dangerous Road Conditions Attorneys Bucks County, PA

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Dangerous Road Conditions Attorneys Bucks County PAMotor vehicle accidents, even those involving multiple vehicles, are not always the fault of the drivers involved. There are times when hazardous conditions due to the negligence or recklessness of other parties make safe travel on Pennsylvania roadways very difficult. Congested roadways, seasonal weather, and unsafe drivers make travel on our local roads dangerous enough. The addition of poor road conditions can quickly turn an every day commute into a deadly situation.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accidentmotorcycle accidenttruck accident, or any other motor vehicle accident due to dangerous road conditions, you may be entitled to financial compensation through a personal injury claim. The personal injury attorneys of Cohen & Riechelson defend clients’ rights when injured in an accident in Pennsylvania towns like Levittown, Northeast Philadelphia, Penndel, Bensalem, Feasterville, Millbrook and all of Bucks County. Lean on our 45 plus years of experience to seek full and fair compensation for your injuries.

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Examples of Hazardous Road Conditions in Bucks County

There are a litany of factors that can negatively impact the safe travel conditions for motorists in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Many of these factors are beyond our control like the weather, lack of light during the night, and the topography of the environment. However, many dangerous situations are avoidable and may be the result of the negligence of property owners or the organizations responsible for maintaining our roads. Here are some such scenarios:

  • Potholes – contrary to popular opinion, it is possible to fill and repair potholes. Given the dramatic seasonal weather changes in our area, potholes can be a major hazard for motorists and particularly for motorcyclists
  • Debris – trash, motor vehicle parts, wet leaves, gravel, blown out tires from commercial trucks, and any other objects that are on PA roadways which may impede motorist’s safe traveling
  • Wet surfaces – excluding rain and other weather conditions, slippery surfaces are often the result of spills or leaks from other vehicles including construction materials, antifreeze, oil, and more
  • Roadway Construction – while construction is certainly necessary to maintain and improve our roadways, improper signage and overly restricted travel ways can lead to dangerous travel
  • Other uneven surfaces – Railway crossings, manhole covers, partially finished construction, and any other situation in which a driving surface is uneven can cause an accident in several ways. Motorists should be careful for punctured tires, bottoming out, and even losing control of their motor vehicle in such conditions

Northeast Philadelphia Motor Vehicle Injury Lawyers Find Fault for Dangerous Conditions

If your accident was caused by dangerous road conditions, most often our Northeast Philadelphia lawyers will choose to find fault through premises liability claims. Premises liability statutes state that property owners are responsible for maintaining safe and secure conditions for guests and in this case, motorists. Since many of our roadways are government property, the liable parties are often either local or state governments. No matter what party is found to be at fault, we will need to show that the dangerous conditions which caused your injurious accident were the direct result of negligence or recklessness.

For example, let’s say your accident took place on I-95 just outside of Philadelphia. This road is owned and maintained by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and they are responsible for ensuring safe conditions for drivers. If your accident was the result of a particularly bad pothole, our lawyers will want to prove the following:

  • The pothole was bad enough to be considered a serious hazard to motorists
  • The pothole was known to the government entity responsible for a long enough time period in which they could have reasonably fixed the issue
  • Conditions were never repaired or addressed despite this knowledge and available time
  • Signs warning motorists of the impending dangerous conditions were not posted
  • Your accident was the direct result of the dangerous conditions caused by this negligence

If your accident was on PA property, paperwork must be filed with six (6) months of your accident in order to have a valid personal injury claim. Premises liability claims against local or municipal governments do not hold these regulations and adhere to standard personal injury claim practices.

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