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Personal Injury

Bucks County PA Personal Injury Attorneys

Representing Injured Victims and their Families in Bucks County and Northeast Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The term “personal injury” can be misleading, seeming to indicate that an accident or traumatic event only effects your personal life, as opposed to your professional, economic, and emotional circumstances. Perhaps a more suitable term would be “whole person” injury, as these incidents can often spell negative implications for every facet of your daily and long-term existence. Once you overcome the initial burdens of medical expenses, loss of income, and physical pain, you face the uphill battle of rehabilitation, returning to work, and the emotional trauma of the accident. Fortunately, you are not alone or helpless. Although you may be vulnerable during this difficult time, an experienced team of personal injury attorneys can tackle the legal battle ahead and place you on a favorable road to recovery.

At Cohen & Riechelson, our seasoned legal advocates have been securing just compensation for victims and their families in Pennsylvania for over 40 years. With millions of dollars in settlements and countless satisfied clients behind us, we have earned the trust of those we serve. Our comprehensive and evidence-based approach involves extensive investigation and collaboration among our highly-accredited attorneys. Essentially, we utilize the power of our knowledge and experience to champion the rights of injured victims, while walking alongside you through the challenges that you face as you begin the put the pieces of your life back together. To discuss your unique situation with a member of our highly skilled personal injury team free of charge, contact our Bensalem offices anytime at (215) 337-4915. An honest and thorough case evaluation is your first step toward obtaining a desirable outcome.

Northeast Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyers

Our talented personal injury lawyers have assisted clients who suffer injuries at work, in local businesses, at residential properties, and on roadways across Pennsylvania. Some of the most common cases that we successfully resolve include:

It is important to note that the aforementioned cases are subject to a statute of limitations, after which the legal avenues available to you are no longer viable. Considering the time-sensitive nature of your claim, it is advisable to seek legal assistance as soon as possible. At CR, our early investigative teams are immediately deployed to gather evidence as we begin to construct a compelling case on your behalf.

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After an accident, you have enough to manage. We will keep you informed and allow you attend to the physical and emotional challenges ahead, while we navigate the complex litigation process, take on reluctant and often combative insurance companies, and never charge you a cent until you are justly compensated. For a free comprehensive consultation, contact the Bensalem law offices of Cohen & Riechelson today.

Free Case Evaluation for Pennsylvania Injury Victims

With looming medical bills and the uphill battle of recovery ahead, we do not burden you with yet another financial responsibility during this trying time. We abide by a contingency model, which essentially means that until you receive compensation, we work for you for free. With centrally-located offices in Bensalem, our skilled legal professionals have been serving clients throughout Bucks County and Northeast Philadelphia for over 40 years. We are committed to providing unparalleled advocacy, advisement, and assistance to our clients while confronting those who would seek to deter you as aggressive, unwavering champions of your interests. Contact our Bensalem offices today to request your free, confidential consultation.