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Motorcycle Safety in Pennsylvania

Motorcycles offer a great way for Pennsylvania riders to experience the joys of the open road. For many motorcyclists, their bike is more than just a mode of transportation, it represents a lifestyle and offers an unparalleled feeling of freedom. Unfortunately, motorcycle riders are also at a dramatically increased risk of serious injury or even wrongful death due to the inherently dangers of traveling without the physical protection offered by other forms of motor vehicles. Today, our personal injury attorneys will be discussing motorcycle safety and how our local residents can mitigate the dangers of the road with a few simple tips.

Bucks County, PA Motorcyclists’ Attorneys Discuss State Courses

One of the best ways for bikers to stay safe on the roads is to be well educated and trained. Our Bucks County motorcyclists’ attorneys recommend the free training offered through the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program. For all Pennsylvania residents or active duty military members, all courses are zero cost as long as the participants carry an active motorcycles license or learner’s permit.

In addition to receiving training taught by qualified instructors, participants may even be eligible for reduced motorcycle insurance premiums. Even more importantly, the training you and/or your loved ones will receive will go a long way towards enjoying a safe and secure ride through Bucks County and all of Southeastern PA.

Levittown Biker Safety Lawyers Identify Safe Practices on the Road

Our Levittown biker safety lawyers have seen a large variety of causes leading to injurious motorcycle accidents for our clients. While it may be impossible to avoid all dangerous situations, there are handful of simple tips that motorcyclists can follow to ride safely:

Wear a helmet – while Pennsylvania does allow certain riders over the age of 21 to ride without a helmet, why tempt fate? In a study done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it is estimated that 7,808 lives were saved by motorcycle helmets between 1993 and 2002. If all riders had worn helmets, that 7,808 number would have risen to approximately 11,915 riders.

Make your presence known – a dangerous component of operating a motorcycle is your size relative to other vehicles. Make yourself visible to other riders and drivers.

Ride Defensively – on a similar note, riding defensively and not relying on other drivers is a must for safe motorcycle operation. This includes leaving ample room between vehicles, avoiding speeding, and more.

Operate your motorcycle responsibly – riding while intoxicated or even while exhausted can have devastating effects. Reduced motor skills, increased reaction times, and impaired judgement can all make riding a motorcycle while drunk or drowsy a potentially deadly situation.

What are the Most Common Causes of Injurious Motorcycle Accidents?

Unfortunately, there is no shortage of alarming data when it comes to injuries sustained in Bucks County motorcycle accidents. Again using information gather by the NHTSA, here are some key statistics when it comes to motorcycle accidents (data comes from the year 2015):

  • Forty two percent (42%) of motorcycle riders or passengers who died in single-vehicle collisions had been drinking alcohol
  • Motorcycle riders had a higher chance of being alcohol-impaired when compared to other motor vehicle operators
  • Alcohol related motorcycle accident fatalities were three (3) times more prevalent at night
  • Motorcycle fatalities are about 29 times more likely than fatal accident involving other types of motor vehicles per mile traveled
  • About twenty seven percent (27%) of fatal motorcycle accidents involved a rider without a valid motorcycle license

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