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Fast Food Restaurant Employees at High Risk for on the Job Injuries

If you have been injured while working in the fast-food industry, we have the know-how to help you obtain the judgment you deserve for your liability claim.

Fast Food Restaurant Employees at High Risk for on the Job InjuriesThere are a wide variety of rewarding jobs within the food services industry. Fast-food restaurants provide a foot in the door from up and coming workers who are interested in acquiring the skills needed to further a career in food service. However, someone working as a head chef in a four-star restaurant, for example, has a very different work environment than that of a fast-food restaurant employee. Studies have shown that injuries on the job for fast-food restaurant employees are on the rise and show little sign of stopping. If you have been injured while working in the fast-food industry, we have the know-how to help you obtain the judgment you deserve for your liability claim.

Which are the six most common workplace accidents that cause injuries?

1. Hot cooking equipment.

Grills, stovetops, and ovens can produce serious burns, especially on the arms and hands.  Grease spatters can cause burns on the face and in the eyes.  Fryers full of boiling oil can be another cause of burns, especially when it is busy, and food needs to be prepared as expeditiously as possible.  If the exhaust systems in the kitchen aren’t working properly, employees can be exposed to dangerous carbon monoxide gas, damaging the lungs, brain, and other vital organs.

2. Sharp objects.

Sharp knives, manual and mechanical slicers, ice cream and milkshake machines, are all potential dangers for severe cuts and even finger loss.  Fast food restaurant employees work as quickly as possible to get orders out to their customers in as little time as possible.  They not only have express orders, drive-thru orders, and eat-in orders but orders from other delivery chains as well which have increased the workload significantly in recent months.  Frequently, when one is in a hurry, accidents are more likely to occur.

3. Slippery floors.

Slippery floors.Fast food restaurant employees are always careful to use proper footwear and sometimes floors behind the counter can still become slippery when there is an oil spill, dropped food, or spilled drinks which are not cleaned up right away.  They are frequently looked over in the rush to complete all of the orders right away.  Falls can cause serious injuries such as spinal or head injuries and sprained joints/muscles or broken bones.

4. Electricity.

Worn electrical cords or extension cords that are old and worn can shock or electrocute employees. Outlets that are improperly grounded or equipment with rusted wiring and faulty electronic parts can also cause shocks. The risk is augmented by wet surfaces in the fast-food kitchen areas.

5. Heavy lifting.

Carrying heavy boxes of food from the freezer to the kitchen or hauling soda syrup to the soda dispensers can cause muscle sprains, especially in the lower back or shoulders.  Taking heavy trash bags to the dumpster is also a frequent cause of injury.

6. Violent crimes.

Violent crimes.Unfortunately, fast-food workers are in danger of injuries in violent crimes when their restaurants are robbed, or they are robbed on a delivery. Sometimes disgruntled customers will throw hot beverages or attempt to hit a fast-food restaurant employee as they are unsatisfied with their order. Violence takes place all over the store, from the lobby to the parking lot. Drive-thru incidents include armed robberies or assaults. Violence in the parking lot can occur when employees have closed the restaurant for the night and are mugged or when the trash is taken out behind the buildings.

Do Fast-food Restaurants represent a higher risk to suffer a job injury?

According to a recent study, adolescent workers injured on the job in the restaurant industry are most likely to be working in fast-food establishments, according to a study by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

Studying data from a national sample of hospitals over a two-year period, NIOSH estimated that approximately 44,800 occupational injuries to teen restaurant industry workers were treated in hospital emergency rooms across the U.S. Of these injuries, approximately 28,000 (63 percent) occurred to teens employed in hamburger, pizza, and other fast-food establishments. The study also found that adolescents working in the restaurant industry, in general, were at six times greater risk of sustaining a work-related burn injury than teens working in any other industry.

According to the study, adolescent male employees were more likely to suffer burns, lacerations, and other injuries while performing tasks associated with cooking, with nearly half of all injuries involving hot grease. Adolescent female employees were more likely to suffer contusions, strains, sprains, and other injuries while completing tasks related to cashiering and servicing tables. More than half of slip and fall injuries were due to wet or greasy floors.

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