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Responsibility for Single-Car Crashes

Single-Car Crash Responsibility and Liability Attorneys Bucks County PA

Lawyers helping Victims of Single-Car Crashes recover Compensation across Bucks County including Towns like Bensalem and Feasterville, PA

Single-Car Crash Responsibility and Liability Attorneys Bucks County PANew Jersey is a “No-fault insurance” State which means that any person involved in a crash must make a claim with their own motor vehicle insurance company. In the case with a single vehicle crash, the person operating the motor vehicle will be responsible for any injuries or damage.

Anyone who is injured by the crash, whether it is you, a passenger, a pedestrian, or bicyclist, will be able to file a personal injury claim and seek monetary recovery through the driver’s car insurance policy. If the injured party can establish in a legal claim that the driver was negligent, careless, or at fault, the injured party can recover damages against the driver and insurance company.

Health Insurance and Medical Treatment Attorneys Bensalem, PA

If you are the driver and  injured, you will have to go through your insurance company for medical treatment.  If you go to the hospital, they will ask you the cause of your injury and when it is reported that it is a car accident, they will require it to go through your car insurance. You can make claims for medical coverage and lost wages through you PIP benefits (Personal Injury Protection). If you have been in an accident it is important to see a doctor as some injuries do not surface until later.

Immunity and the Tort Claims Act Philadelphia, PA

Sometimes an accident may happen because of poor roadway conditions, missing road signs, cars parked in a manner obstructing your view or a dog roaming the streets. If the accident involves a reason that you believe makes the town or municipality responsible, you may have difficulty in suing the town due to immunity. There is a statute known as the Tort Claims Act that requires the aggrieved party to put the town or government on notice of its claim within 90 days. Our office can review your claim and determine if this is necessary,

There are so many factors to consider in an accident. There are very basic things that you can do to assist yourself. If you are hurt, go to the doctor,  contact your insurance company and obtain the police report.

If an occupant of the car was hurt you should not discuss the accident. You do not know how injured the person may and they may eventually decide to sue your insurance company and you personally. If the passenger has difficulty getting medical reimbursements or is permanently disfigured or harmed, they will need to seek recovery from your company and you. They may try to use any and all information they have to assist in their recovery.

If you are the injured party or passenger you should seek treatment and ask for the driver’s insurance information.

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