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Who is Liable for Injuries at Stadiums?


During Sunday night’s NFC Championship game (apologies for bringing up the memory) there were endless reports of fans behaving negligently and recklessly, in some cases leading to injury. Thankfully, we are not aware of any major injuries, but that begs the question: who is liable for injuries sustained at stadiums and sports facilities?

While most incidents do not involve the drama of an Eagles’ fan punching a horse in the face, today our personal injury attorneys will discuss some common stadium injuries, and who may be found at fault.

Bucks County Stadium Premises Liability Attorneys

The vast majority of potential personal injury claims which could result from an injury at a sports venue would fall under premises liability statutes. Essentially, property owners and/or managers are required by Pennsylvania law to provide reasonably safe and secure conditions for guests and patrons. Within the context of a sporting event, the massive crowds of people can create an inherently dangerous situation, but property owners may still be liable in the case of an accident. Examples include:

Slip and fall accidents. Probably the most common form of premises liability claims, slip and fall accidents are the result of negligent conditions leading to an injury. Simply falling and injuring one’s self at a stadium is not sufficient to successfully recover compensation through a slip and fall personal injury claim. Our Bucks County attorneys would need to prove that the dangerous situation should have reasonably been handled by a stadium employee before your accident took place.

Negligent security. Stadiums can be considered dangerous by nature due to the high level of emotion and alcohol use. For those of us who have been to Eagles and Flyers games, this requires no further explanation. It is therefore the responsibility of the event staff to protect fans by providing adequate security personnel, well trained security personnel, sufficient lighting, and generally safe and secure conditions.

What if I am Injured by a Puck or Foul Ball? Northeast Philadelphia Premises Liability Lawyers

Many of us will remember the horrific incident at Yankee Stadium where a young girl was badly injured by a foul ball late in the 2017 Major League Baseball season. There are a few considerations which can play into whether or not individuals are eligible to recover financial compensation for injuries suffered in similar situations:

  • The tiny print located on the back of your ticket. Almost all tickets to major sporting events contain fine print stating that any injuries sustained by balls, bats, pucks, or otherwise are not the responsibility of the team or of the league. These disclaimers are legally valid in most situations
  • The “baseball rule”. This is a legal term referring to teams’ responsibility for providing a minimum level of safety standards for fans. The most conspicuous of these safety measures is the large net placed behind home plate. For hockey fans, the tragic death of a teenage girl as a result of an errant shot resulted in the netting behind both goals which is now NHL standard
  • Did these safety precautions fail? If a fan was injured due to insufficient safety measures or perhaps one failing (a ball or puck traveling through the netting for example) that may lead to a successful personal injury suit

Most injuries from sporting equipment leaving the area of play are not grounds for a personal injury claim. However, there are certainly exceptions. If you or a loved one has been injured at a sporting event, call our Northeast Philadelphia personal injury lawyers to learn more about your legal standing.

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