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Thanksgiving Holiday Brings Increased Incidence of Alcohol-Related Car Accidents

Although the holiday season ushers in many happy moments shared with family and friends, this time of year also brings with it a number of potential dangers, particularly to those traveling on the roadways. Among the most well-documented phenomena during the Thanksgiving holiday is the increased incidence of drunk driving-related car accidents, as festivities often involve alcohol and impaired drivers pose a major threat to other unsuspecting travelers who take to the roads.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s most recent Pennsylvania Crash Facts and Statistics Report, there were 10,550 alcohol-related car accidents in Pennsylvania in 2014. Further, there were 333 alcohol-related deaths in 2014, which represents 28% of the total traffic deaths. Compared with other causes of car accidents, alcohol represents a significant concern, as alcohol-related crashes were 4.1 times more likely to be fatal than those not related to alcohol.

In terms of alcohol-related accidents during the holidays, 41% of deaths that occurred during holiday weekends were related to alcohol use. In 2014, the numbers were as follows: 154 accidents occurred the day before Thanksgiving, 150 occurred on Thanksgiving day, and 176 occurred post-Thanksgiving. These rates are, in fact, the highest among all holidays in terms of alcohol-related traffic accidents in Pennsylvania.

The above statistics clearly depict the dangers of road travel during the holidays, particularly surrounding Thanksgiving. It is important to keep this reality in mind in order to maintain as much of your safety as possible, and of course, to avoid driving under the influence at all costs. However, there are instances that are simply outside of your control. When a driver takes your life into their hands by driving drunk and you are injured, you can hold them responsible for their reckless disregard for your safety.

Our attorneys have worked tirelessly on behalf of those injured in alcohol-related car accidents in Pennsylvania for decades. We also fight for those who have lost loved ones to drunk drivers by bringing aggressive wrongful death lawsuits against those at-fault. If you find yourself in one of these difficult situations, our knowledge and experience can bolster you for the road ahead. Contact our Bensalem, Bucks County offices anytime at 215-337-4915 for additional information.

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