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Reaching a Settlement in Your Personal Injury Claim

Although litigation is certainly an option for personal injury claims, the vast majority of proceedings end with out of court settlements. The costs involved in a court hearing generally outweigh the potential benefits, and effective negotiations are almost always mutually beneficial.

Our Bucks County personal injury attorneys are prepared to try your case in court, but we often recommend settlement as a first choice. Here are some of the reasons why up to 96% of personal injury cases settle before reaching the courtroom

Advantages to Settling Personal Injury Claims out of Court: Northeast Philadelphia, PA Personal Injury Lawyers

There are a handful of major advantages to settling personal injury claims out of court for our clients.

Shortened timeline – when skipping the trial process, you are also skipping on weeks, months, and even years of hearings, dates, and appeals. While the legal process runs its course, medical bills, every day expenses, and other financial burdens are all worsening for our clients. Settlements are concluded as soon as both parties come to an agreement.

Guaranteed recovery of compensation – while court hearings can sometimes offer greater rewards than settlements, they also come with the risk of recovering little to no compensation at all. Going to court leaves your fate in the hands of a judge and jury.

No Option for appeals – insurance companies will often file appeals as soon as a verdict is reached in their court case. They do this not only to reach a more favorable outcome (from their perspective) but also to intentionally draw out the process of paying out compensation.

When Our Bucks County, PA Personal Injury Attorneys Prepare for Settlement and for Court

The decision of whether or not to settle your personal injury claim is always entirely up to you. The negotiation process may begin with our Bucks County attorneys advising on reasonable compensation based on the details of your case. We will give you the full picture of where you stand legally and what you and your family might be owed so that you can make a well informed decision.

It is important to understand that the settlement process is legally complex and intensive as well. The best way to earn a full and fair settlement for your personal injury claim is to present a well-prepared and thought out personal injury claim against an insurance company. This shows the insurance company that we are prepared to go to court and win, even if that is not the intention or desire of our client.

Our attorneys will seek to negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf. This is a process of offer and counter-offer, claim and counter-claim, which requires knowing when to be aggressive and when to meet in the middle. At the end of the day, understanding what you are legally owed and also what you and your family need financially will lead to a well informed decision.

When you and your family are comfortable that the offer received from the other party is fair and sufficient, we will close the settlement process. We believe in preparing for a long battle while striving for a quick settlement. In this way, we have helped many families receive the compensation they need to move on with their lives.

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Our firm has been reaching successful settlements in personal injury claims since 1972. Lean on our 45 plus years of dedicated personal injury experience to help reach a quick, just, and final conclusion to your personal injury claim through settlement.

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