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Philly Amtrak Derailment Causes Two Deaths

Two people died when an Amtrak train traveling from New York derailed near Philadelphia, PA.

According to the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency, the train, which reportedly had a total of 341 passengers on board and seven people serving as the crew, was headed from New York to Savannah, Georgia when it struck a backhoe on the tracks and partially derailed. The train accident occurred when the train hit the backhoe in Chester, PA, which is located roughly 15 miles from Philadelphia. The train eventually came to a stop in Trainer, Pennsylvania.

In addition to the two people who died in the train crash, 35 people sustained injuries as a result of the accident. According to one survivor of the train accident, the majority of injuries were sustained by passengers seated in the train’s first car.

At this time, authorities for Amtrak have not yet released information about the identities of the two victims who were fatally killed in the train derailment. It is believed that the two people who died in the train crash were Amtrak employees, including the backhoe operator on the train. Additionally, a representative for the Chester Fire Department confirmed that the two individuals killed in the train accident were not passengers on the train.

After the train accident, the survivors were taken to a local church so that they could receive emergency medical treatment.

Meanwhile, Amtrak suspended its Northeast Corridor service from Wilmington to Philadelphia while officials looked into the crash.

It is expected that the Federal Railroad Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) will be conducting a detailed investigation into the train accident.

Depending on the findings of the investigation, it is possible that the injured passengers could file personal injury lawsuits, while the families of the people who died in the train crash could potentially file wrongful death lawsuits. That’s because Amtrak is responsible for making sure that passengers and employees are safe while traveling on board trains. A crucial factor in any potential lawsuit will be whether the accident was caused by negligence.

For further information about this personal injury case, access the following article: 2 Dead in Amtrak Crash Near Philadelphia

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