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Gunshot Victim Wins Personal Injury Suit

Bucks County Jury Awards $362,015

Last February, Steven Vickers of Morrisville, PA was awarded $362,015 by a Bucks County jury for injuries suffered after being accidentally shot by his friend, Charles Byle, III, of Levittown PA.  Following a three day trial in the Bucks County Court of Common Pleas in Doylestown, PA, Vickers won his personal injury claim.  The award included compensation for both past and future medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of life’s pleasures, and disfigurement.

Mr. Vickers attorney was quoted as saying “The verdict was fair.  The jury acknowledged the severity of the injury even though Mr. Vickers made a remarkable recovery in a relatively short period of time and is not restricted by his injuries today.”

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The incident began on November 8, 2013.  On this date, Vickers went to Byle’s home, supposedly in order to help him clean out his garage.  Towards the end of the day, Vickers entered Byle’s room to tell him he was going to leave.  Byle, who was in the process of cleaning his gun (a .357 Magnum revolver), pointed the gun at Vickers and, thinking the gun unloaded, pulled the trigger.  The bullet traveled with such force that it passed through Vickers’ right bicep and into his chest.  A traumatic injury, the bullet passed through Vicker’s right lung deflating it, and lodged into the 5th thoracic vertebrae of Vickers’ spine.

Thinking quickly, Byle staunched the bleeding from Vickers’ gunshot wound, and immediately drove him to Lower Bucks Hospital in Bristol, PA.  After Vickers was stabilized, he was airlifted to Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia.  There he underwent several surgeries in order to re-inflate his lung and stop the bleeding.  After seven days of observation and recovery in Philadelphia, Vickers was discharged.  Soon after, however, he was readmitted to St. Mary’s Medical Center in Langhorne, PA.  Fluid had filled his chest cavity, and Vickers needed another 9 days in the hospital in order to heal and recover.

In 2013, claiming recklessness, negligence, and assault and battery, Vickers sued Byle.  The two parties agreed that Byle was indeed liable for the injuries, but a jury was needed to decide the issue of causation and damages, but the two parties agreed beforehand that Byle would pay no less than $81,000 and no more than $420,000 regardless of the jury’s findings.  

The jury ruled in Vickers favor, and, as previously stated, awarded damages for: past medical expenses ($67,015), pain and suffering ($200,000), loss of life’s pleasures ($50,000), future medical expenses ($45,000), and disfigurement ($5,000).   

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